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Starus Partition Recovery 2.0 + Serial Number / Key

Starus Partition Restoration is our top of the line product to fix broken groups and recover losing details. It offers the same step-by-step recovery for losing and eliminated details information as our simpler products, while adding extensive partition recovery options to create a perfect all-in-one solution.

File Recovery: Quick and Comprehensive Modes
Starus Partition Restoration functions fast and extensive analysis ways, allowing you to set your main concerns. Data files that were recently eliminated from a appropriate and healthier complex challenging produce generate can be retrieved by fast more in just minutes, while in extensive analysis strategy the product will problems details collected from your whole complex challenging produce generate to be able to recover everything that still has records on your complex challenging produce generate.

Fix Broken Partitions
Starus Partition Restoration comes with truly great methods allowing it to fix seriously broken groups. Most partition recovery tools on the market will evaluate current system elements on the broken complex challenging produce generate, attempting to fix the amounts and often unable if too much harm is done to complex challenging produce generate system details. This is a simple but not always reliable way to handle broken groups. Starus Partition Restoration will only follow the simple route if thereâ?™s just a light harm to complex challenging produce generate system elements.

Rebuilding Damaged Partitions: the Comprehensive Mode
In addition to the quick-and-easy approach, Starus Partition Restoration can perform a extensive enhancing of your complex challenging produce generate system elements, fixing them pretty much from the starting.

Complete Partition Refurbishing
If some parts of details pc pc computer file system or other system elements have been eliminated, over-written or become otherwise broken, Starus Partition Restoration will switch into extensive strategy, checking the whole complex challenging produce generate to create an listed map of everything that still is available on that complex challenging produce generate. After finding all details information, details and other pieces of details that are still available on the broken complex challenging produce generate, Starus Partition Restoration will create a new details pc pc computer file system from the starting, generating a appropriate and healthier, useful volume record all details information and details that from the the starting was able to locate.

Easy to Use
With all the advanced functions offered by Starus Partition Restoration, the product comes equipped with an amazing level of automated. You can easily use it at house or in the office with no reading or training. With many advised experts of magic assisting you undeleting your details information or restoring groups youâ?™ll never get losing in its customer interface.

Look and Feel of Windows Explorer
Speaking of customer interface, Starus Partition Restoration looks and feels just like Windows Guest. Youâ?™ll see the familiar details pc pc computer file and listing views; the only thing thatâ?™s different is that those details information and details were once eliminated.

System Compatibility
Designed to back up all versions of Windows and all kinds of storage media, Starus Partition Restoration can recover all kinds of FAT and NTFS groups created by all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows seven, as well as 2003 and 2008 Hosting server.

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